SprintRoute has two views:

In Course View you may draw and edit the course. In addition you can view routes over all controls, for instance the shortest route or all routes together. The view is always northbound.

Course view
Course view, always northbound

In Leg View you can see only one leg at a time. Here you may draw and edit different routes between two consecutive controls. Note that the view is always towards the next control.

Course view
Leg view, towards the next control

In both views map zoom, pane and tilt are available. Use mouse wheel or icons in the top row for zooming. Drag the map in all directions using mouse.


Show zooming icons
Zoom to 100%
Zoom in
Zoom out
Zoom to scale 1:3000
Zoom to scale 1:4000
Zoom to scale 1:5000
Zoom to course area
Input course name

 Map settings


Draw start by clicking the map with mouse. Draw controls one at a time clicking again. Add finish by clicking the orange button [Course done].

Move control by dragging it with the shift key. Delete control by clicking it with the ctrl key.

Insert control by clicking the button [Insert control] and then click on the leg line, where you want to add the new control. Then move the new control to the right place.

Continue course by clicking the button [Continue course] and click the map for the next control.

Remove the entire course by clicking top row icon Remove course

 Course settings


First open leg view by clicking the button [Leg view]. Then draw the route by clicking step by step along your path. No need to click the start triangle!

Complete the route by clicking the tiny coloured circle inside the control ring.

Delete the last step or any step of the route currently being drawn by clicking the step point (small ring) on the route line with the ctrl key.

Delete the last step of the completed route clicking the route label with the shift key. Delete the whole completed route in the same way but using the ctrl key.

Edit route first deleting the last step of the route (see above). Then move any step point with mouse by dragging it with the shift key pressed. Delete step point by clicking it with the ctrl key.

Insert new step by clicking the button [Insert step] and then click the step line you want to add the new step. Then move the new step point to the right place.

Close route editing by clicking again the tiny coloured circle.

Remove all routes on screen by clicking top row icon Remove routes

Return back to Course View using the button [Course view].

 Route drawing settings


Show route icons:

View routes through the whole course in several modes:
only the blue route
only the shortest route
only two shortest routes
all routes
hide all routes

View route lines and leg distances:
View / hide route lines
View / hide route labels
View / hide table of overall route distances

NOTE: if coloured route in any leg (except the last one) is missing, the length of the shortest route is used instead and the total route length of this colour is set in parenthesis.

NOTE: if there is no route in any leg (except the last one), the beeline is used instead and the total route length is marked with asterisks

TIP: You may move route labels dragging them with the shift key.

TIP: You may draw your own route with blue colour and other route selectons with other colours.

Beeline: direct distance between controls
ER index: extra running index
 = leg/route length divided by the beeline. NOTE: the last leg is excluded in ER index.
RC index: route choice index (will be available in future versions). NOTE: the last leg is excluded in RC index.


You may save your data as a text file (.txt).

View data file (only in course view)

Set the name of the course

[Create file] Save data file (only in course view). Continue to press the next left button [Save]

[File select] Open data file


You may export route image in both views. In course view the image is horizontal and in leg view it is vertical.
Export route image. The image frame will be open. Continue clicking the button [Export image] , [Cancel] or [Reset course name].

NOTE: Before you continue, drag the map left on screen so that the route area you want to export is inside of the frame.